Volunteers required at Castlebar Greenway 10 miler

There’s just under two weeks until the Castlebar Greenway 10 miler on September 9 at 10am.

Our event organisers Padraic McVann and Colette Tuohy are pictured on one of the Greenway bridges at Ballyneggin. It’s about 2.5 miles from the start at Castlebar town park.
Padraic and Colette are relying on the support of members who are not competing to help with marshalling on the course and as general assists for all the associated tasks. They are looking for a support crew of at least 30 volunteer members.
You are asked to enlist as a volunteer during this coming week.
Please contact Padraic and Colette directly and register for this important task by Sunday next September 2.
The Castlebar Greenway 10 miler is both an inaugural club initiative and fundraiser. You can help make a contribution to its success and hopefully lead to it becoming an annual event.


Contact:  Padraic McVann 087 2403778, Colette Tuohy 086 3231044

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