Turlough 8k results

Race winner Seamus Somers Sligo AC ready to hand out bananas and bottles to finishers at Turlough











Today’s Turlough 8k was organised by Mayo Mental Health Association and Parke Keelogues Crimlin GAA club alongside its partners Mayo AC and the National Museum of Ireland at Turlough Park.

Congratulations to today’s prizewinners:


Women – 1 Sarah Byrne (Mayo AC) 31.57, 2 Roxanne Sands Moy Valley AC 32:12, 3 Gracie O’Brien Moy Valley AC 33:06


W50 – 1 Jo Hughes 34:12, 2 Marcella McDonnell Mayo AC 41.12, 3 Veronica Woods Swinford AC 42:02


FU18 Isabelle Hanrahan Castlebar AC 37:21, 2 Pearl Sands Moy Valley AC 39:01, 3 Caoimhe Harte PKC 45:21


Men Seamus Somers Sligo AC 26:51, 2 Rowland McIntyre Mayo AC 28:57, 3 Pearse Gallagher Swinford AC 29:20


M50 1 Garret Bracken Westport AC 31:40, 2 David Sands 32:38, 3 Ray Clarke Mayo AC 33:17


MU18 1 Matthew Kelly Castlebar AC 32:02, Kyle Davitt 35:27 3 Aiden Dempsey Castlebar AC 36:45





Monies raised from today’s event will go to supporting Parke-Keelogues-Crimlin GAA club and funding different community projects and mental health initiatives for Mayo Mental Health Association.

All other Mayo AC finishers are as listed in results. Thanks to Ann McDonnell for compiling them.

Turlough 8k results:Turlough Final Results 2023 (3)

Well done to Conor Duffy Mayo AC  who ran a 60m pb 6.95 in the NIA event on Wednesday night.

And to Donna Gallagher Mayo AC  who finished the Galway Women’s 10k in 47:19 27th place on Bank Holiday Monday last.

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