Life in 5k Lane – Part 1

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays mmm mmm……… but Tuesday is right up there sort of speaking! Second race down and now I have a target to beat but not against the 500 hundred or so that attended the race, but ME. Trying to run better than last week is a mind game in itself – hoping that the KIT KAT I ate an hour before the race will be enough to shave some precious time off from last week. We all line up like a pack of sardines on this country road, feeling nervous, running the unknown route, but familiar faces from last week. Directions for the race, left, left, left and left – no worries, and it’s just 5k. In my head this is easy, but, can I convince my legs to go faster? Got into the race, all my Mayo companions are ahead (nothing unusual); I like to see the back’s of them in the distance…….pass the white horses who were clearly not happy with the commotion, and that’s when I wandered away thinking about “Into the West” and Tayto. Things you think about when running, the watch beats the third time and I tune back into the race, dreading that last .2 miles – what a pain. So glad to see the finish line and yes, a new PB. More running to do for the week……… Until we meet again TUESDAY.

Caroline Conway

Some photos here:

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