Training: Pyramid session

Warm-up (5 to 10 mins light running)

Dynamic drills

4 lots of strides


Speed session –  pyramid of 1 min / 2 mins / 3 mins / 4 mins / 5 mins / 4 mins / 3 mins / 2 mins / 1 min with recovery of 60 seconds after every effort.

So efforts total 25 mins plus 8 lots of 1 min recoveries. Total 33 mins.

This session is done more on perceived effort – as the efforts get longer the speed/pace decreases. Start off quickly at about a 9 out of 10 type effort and then run a little slower as you add 1 minute to the efforts so you are probably around a 7.5 out of 10 effort for the long 5 minutes. Then you speed up again as you get into the second half of the session.

If you get this right then the distances you cover in the first half of the session should mirror the distances covered in the second half.

Try and keep moving during the recovery even if only slow jog. Measure total distance in the 33 mins and compare to last time we did this session.

Finish with 5 to 10 mins running as a warm-down.

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