This week’s threshold training session

Mayo AC League 2009 Brendan Chambers (C&C Cellular sponsors) presents Mary Gleeson with her prize

Session for this week below.

Warm-up (5 to 10 mins light running)

Dynamic drills

4 lots of strides



Endurance session – 5 x 1600m off 60 secs recovery. Finish with 4 x 200m fast efforts (jog back recovery)

The aim is to run these at threshold intensity (upper zone 2 / top of zone 2). So don’t let the HR drift into zone 3 – cap your effort at top of zone 2. Take a few minutes break before finishing with the fast 200m efforts (to be ran in an around your mile pace – hard but in control).

For people not using heart rate – use pace chart below for estimate of threshold pace per mile or km

Threshold (3) (1)

Finish with 5 to 10 mins running as a warm-down.


Let Matt know if you have any questions.