Success in the sun for Mayo AC at Irish Masters T&F Championships

Mayo AC at Tullamore: back: l-r Angela O’Connor, Mags Glavey, Paula Donnellan, Mattie Donnellan, Pauline Moran, Keith Conroy, Colette Tuohy; front l-r John Walkin, Mike Griffin, Declan Owens, John Brennan. (Missing from photo Martin Peyton, Patrick Moran).



Irish Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships, Tullamore August 13, 2022.

It was a tough day for every competitor in Tullamore. Blisteringly hot near 30° temperatures made for gruelling conditions for all participants.

The track events particularly were affected, from sprints right through to the distance endurance races 1500m, 3000m, and 5,000m.
We can be very proud of our twelve competitors who took on this annual outdoor championship challenge. They competed in a range of events in track and field in six different age categories. Some of them ran in 4 events – 3 distance races plus relay – amazing. Sizzling perfomances all round.
And while there was disappointment for some who finished 4th or outside the podium, you can be sure they put in just as much effort as those who came away with medals. A glance over the results below will give a clear picture of how it went for Mayo AC.
Bodies strewn on the grass or track around the finish areas was the compelling visual evidence of their  efforts in that heat, as was clear to those who followed the day on Athletics Ireland livestream.
Mayo AC came away with 14 individual medals and one magnificent team medal in the men’s 4x400m relay.
John Walkin, Keith Conroy, John Brennan, Mike Griffin waited around until 18:45 to run and it was well worth it. A silver lining to bring down the curtain on another succesful day for the club. Brilliant stuff!

Congratulations also to our wonderful individual medal winners: Mags – two gold and a silver, Pauline three gold, Colette a silver, two silvers for Angela, two bronze for Paula, two silver for Patrick Moran and a silver for Martin Peyton- 14 in total.

Mayo AC results: (updated)
Mattie Donnellan M65  400m 5th 87:55
Colette Tuohy W50 3,000m silver 12:14.31
John Walkin M40 200m 4th 26:04
John Brennan M35 200m 4th 26:45
Patrick Moran M65
High jump silver 1:25m
Discus silver 26:21m
Hammer 4th 21:74m
Martin Peyton M70
Shot 4th 21:74m
Javelin 4th 26:49m
Discus silver 22.08m
Mags Glavey W70
800m gold 3:21.08
1500m gold 6:54.78
3,000m silver 14:04.24
Paula Donnellan W40 800m bronze 3:01.33
1500m bronze 5:49.98
Pauline Moran W65
800m gold 3:00.12
1500m gold 6:21.22
3,000m gold 13:06.72
Angela O’Connor W55
1500m silver 5:43.65
3,000m silver 11:42.12
Men 4x100m relay: John Walkin, Keith Conroy, John Brennan, Mike Griffin: 4th 50:05
Men 4x400m relay: John Walkin, Keith Conroy, John Brennan, Mike Griffin
Silver 3:52.15
Women 4x400m relay Colette Tuohy, Paula Donnellan, Pauline Moran, Angela O’Connor  4th 5:39.42
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