Sligo Credit Union Road Race League

Details of the Sligo Credit Union Road Race League have been announced. The league begins on St Patricks day in Tubbercurry and Mel Casserly has sent on the following information on the league.

Races as Follows

 1. Tubbercurry – St. Patricks Day

 2. Carney Lisadell 10k – Easter Monday

 3. Maugherow 10k – Early June

 4. Ransboro 10k – Late June

 5. Horseshoe 10k – 5th August

 6. Dromahaire 4 mile – Early September

 7. Sligo AC 8k – 17th September

 8. Grange 10k – 2nd October

The whole purpose of running the Sligo Credit Union Road Race League is to get
as many people out as possible for as many races as possible, and to try to give
acknowledgement to all the people who take part.

The league, even though it will be competitive, should allow every person taking part
to maximize their potential, and hopefully, see some improvement in their overall
health and fitness as the league goes on.

There are 30 prizes, of which each person will be only allowed to win one. If funds
allow, more prizes may be added.

The scoring system will hopefully make it accessible for as many people as possible,
and will also make it competitive at the top, as there will be relatively little difference
between coming first or second etc .

Sligo Credit Union Road Race League – Starting This Thursday in
Scoring: Top 50 men and top 50 women will receive points in each race
i.e. 50 points for first, 49 for second etc all the way to 1 for 50th
Entry to the league will be included in the entry to each race – once you are in the
individual race, you are in the league.

When the final league table is calculated the prizes will be awarded as follows:

Men – 1st, 2nd, 3rd,

Women 1st, 2nd, 3rd,

O40 Men 1,2,3,

O40 Women 1,2,3,

O50 Men 1,2,3,

O50 Women 1,2,3

Sligo North Leitrim Runner not already in Prizes Male and Female 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Special Award for any person who completes all 8 races.

Dates of birth for categories to be on the day of first race i.e. 17/3.

Each competitor is eligible for only one prize in the race league – Prizes in individual

races are completely separate from the league.

For details search facebook for SligoRoadRaceLeague or email, or call Mel on 0868169126

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