Five Mayo AC medal winners at National Indoors (updated)

On the start line for Women’s 3,000 metres

We had eleven entries yesterday at the National Masters indoor track and field championships in the Athlone AIT arena.

They competed in individual categories in various track and field events during a busy all day schedule.

Some were competing in these National championships for the first time stepping up from the recent regional championships at the same venue.
Pauline Moran and Martin Peyton were our experienced contenders and have had many medal winning successes. Norah Newcombe Pieterse has come back to track racing this year.
As it turned out five Mayo AC competitors won nine medals between them –  three bronze, three silver and three gold.
Norah Newcombe Pieterse headlined the haul with a great run in the 3,000 to win W35 gold in 10:07 improving by 9 seconds on her regional gold in the Connacht indoors.
As usual Pauline Moran competed successfully  in three W60 distance races winning three medals-  silver 3,000 and 800 and gold in 1500m.
* Due to a typo in the Athletics Ireland women’s W40 shot putt her third throw of 6.49 was transposed and listed as 9.64 which placed her first. We based previous edition of post on this published AI data. Conequently she finished fifth in the W40 shot putt category. The error was noticed after reports had been sent to media.
Tracy Cunnane enjoyed the event and is now looking forward to the Outdoors in August.
Mike Griffin had a very successful day winning two bronze in the competitive W40 category in 400 and 800m.
Well done too to John Brennan who was another medal winner –  bronze 400m in M35 and 4th in 200m sprint.
Martin Peyton was busy in the M70 category competing in four events and winning gold long jump and silver high jump.
Congratulations to our six national medal winners and well done to all the other competitors.
Mayo AC  results: (category/place/time or distance/ no of competitors)
Noelle Kilduff W35 4th 9.19 (4)
Martin Peyton M70 DNF
John Brennan M35 4th 26:25 (5)
Noelle Kilduff W35 4th 30:47 (5)
John Brennan M35 bronze 56:55 (6)
Mike Griffin M40 bronze 57:72 (4)
Tony O’Malley M45 5th 2:17.73 (5)
Mike Griffin M40 bronze 2:09.15 (7)
Pauline Moran W60 silver 2:49 (3)
Paula Donnellan Walsh W40 5th 5:50 (5)
Pauline Moran W60 gold 5:40 (2)
Pat Morrison M35 5th 9:47 (6)
Norah Newcombe Pieterse W35 gold 10:07 (5)

Paula Donnellan Walsh W35 4th 12:08 (4)

Pauline Moran W60 silver 12:03 (2)
Long Jump
Tracy Cunnane W40 6th 2:83 (6)
Martin Peyton M70 gold 2.70 (2)
High Jump
Martin Peyton M70 silver
Shot Putt
Tracy Cunnane W40 5th, 6.49m (7)
Martin Peyton M70 4th 9.86 (6)
Martin Peyton M70 4th 6.87 (5)