Shane Timothy – my running journey

‘Running gave me a new lease of life’

My running journey started around March 2012 at which point I weighed in at just over 18st.

One night I was talking to someone who suggested going to the track (the old surface) and just trying a few laps.

I started off running two laps (slowly) and walking one lap. That was a revelation to me as I found even though it was hard, I quite enjoyed it.

Running a 5k would still have been a complete nightmare to me though.

After a few months of this I asked my father about the Fit4Life programme that was taking place on the track. He said come up and give it a go and see how you get on. Initially I was a bit worried as I thought it was above what I was capable of. I needn’t have worried as there was a level for everyone, and everyone is there to help and encourage each other.

From then on I’ve never looked back.
Running gave me a new lease of life. I found my moods improved, and my weight was dropping.  And most important of all, I’ve met such a lovely group of people that I’ll regard as friends for life. People I looked up to in the club before because of what they’ve achieved, I was now on first name terms with.
Now running became a way of life for me and I could call myself  a ” runner”, regularly completing 5ks and 8ks.
Since then I’ve run multiple 10ks, Half Marathons and a couple of full marathons. I’m even a regular participant at triathlons, with a half iron distance completed too.
Fit4Life has made all this possible and continues to do so.
I’d encourage anyone who’s thinking of giving Fit4Life a go, to do so.
Every journey starts with one small step….Let Fit4Life and Mayo AC be that first step for you.

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