A timely message from

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer

Communications Department
Mayo County Council

It may seem obvious to “be safe” when you’re running in the dark, but it’s very easy to let your guard down out there, especially if you’ve decided to go for a run at the last-minute and you’re focused on just getting it done.

Consider the following tips as a friendly reminder of what NOT to do when running in the dark!

This must seem really obvious, but we see it ALL the time!  We all have been out running or driving at night and see or meet people wearing navy blue shirts and black shorts.  Don’t let this be you.

It’s important to make sure that you’re as visible as possible, especially when running on or near busy roads where drivers can have difficulty seeing you.

We highly recommend wearing the brightest coloured clothing you own when running at night.  Whites, yellows, and bright neon colours work great together with a reflective vest to wear over your clothes, or accessories such as head torch or blinking lights.

Reflective strips attract the most attention when you attach them to the parts of your body that have the greatest range of movement, such as feet, lower legs and arms.

They are inexpensive and help keep you safe because other people can see you!  And don’t worry about looking silly – some people probably already think we are silly just because we are runners!

Always face the on-coming traffic when you’re running on a road with no pavement. The only exception to this rule should be when you’re approaching a blind corner, when you should cross to the opposite side of the road then cross back again as soon as it’s safe.

This applies at any time of day but especially at night when drivers may not expect to see a pedestrian.


 Also don’t stop to stretch or tie a shoe lace unless you absolutely have to – crouching down makes you more vulnerable.

So get out there and clock those miles and stay healthy in these uncertain times.