Results ‘Spirit of Knock’ 5k

Race organiser Joe Neylon has sent on the results file from this manually recorded  inaugural event held in support of Knock National School.

In terms of being an organisational  ‘first timer’ for them, Joe says  ” a few people fell through the ‘net’ and didn’t get recorded. Not sure if this is a common occurrence, but I’d rather apologise than make up a time. Some of these (see attached in separate box) may have times themselves, in which case we’d be very happy to include on file. Let me know what you think and thanks for coming out for the race. We plan to make this an annual road race in Knock and to improve as we go along (more categories, refreshments, etc). Mixed feedback on the course, generally people very happy.
Also note, that file has a separate column listing for school kids who ran. We don’t need to include in official results published. We will give a little award in the school for these kids.”

You can contact Joe at  086 2938216

Results: Spirit of Knock Race Times2605

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