Patricia and Sean – UnCorked

We spotted Patricia Carty’s finishing time in Cork Marathon among the thousands listed – and digital fatigue said there is no point scrolling further looking for any  more Mayo AC. Little did we know of the story that lay beneath the surface. Patricia Carty and Sean Murphy left their home at Tulrahan nr Claremorris at the week-end, accompanied by their three kids – Nia, Roisin, and Gaby. Its a fair old spin down to Cork. At Oranmore the count of ‘arewethereyet?’s was in double figures.
But Patricia and Sean were not on any old bank-holiday week-end jaunt. Their focus was the Marathon.
Boldly going into that unknown zone beyond 13, 18, 21, 25, to 26.2. Sean’s recent times (Kinvara Half 87:55, KIlmovee 10k 39:51)  indicated that 3.15-3.30 finish would be a realistic target. Patricia had run the same races in 113:53, 52:05 – so maybe something around 4:15/30.
However, Cork was always going to be a new territory. As always the details tell some of the story. They both started sensibly and reached half way in 1:37/2:07 – so on target. Then at 18 miles Sean picked up a knee injury which meant walking the last 8 miles, (yes eight) – and his second half took 3:11. But he finished.  Patricia was running a very steady race and looked fresh and in control as she ran the second half in 2:20 for an excellent 4:27:54 finish. At some point in that second half she passed Sean walking – it must have been an emotional moment.

The results details:

Pos Bib Firstname Surname Club Cat Finish Chiptime Firsthalf SecondHalf
990 381 Patricia Carty Mayo AC F35 04:27:54 04:26:23 02:07:52 02:20:02
1194 382 Sean Murphy Mayo AC M40 04:48:37 04:48:19 01:37:10 03:11:27

Well done to them both on completing their first marathons – and a proud moment for the kids as they waited on St Patrck’s St bridge to escort them to the finish. The pictures tell the story better than any words.

Thanks to Gerry Carty (GCH) – Patricia’s brother – for them, and for some of the background information.

photos: top: Nia, Roisin, and Gaby with Patricia and a smiling?! Sean, who has 300 metres to go; middle: Gaby paces Mum Patricia to the finish; TJ McHugh looking good on his way to 7th in the Half

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