Move2Improve tables after race 3

These are the Move2Improve points tables for men and women after three races. Thanks to AnnMcDonnell for compiling them.

Move2Improve – Women(4)

M2I- Men

These are the Move2Improve criteria as published when the series was announced on March 12th:

Levels A, B, C
Each level is organised by your finishing time in the race.
For Men in 10k races, Level A is for finishers under 40 mins, Level B finishers between 40 – 45 mins, Level C is for finishers over 45 mins.
For Women in 10ks, A: under 45 mins, B 45 – 55 mins, C over 55 mins.
Level times for 8k races are:
Men: A: under 32 mins, B: 32-36 mins, C: is over 36 mins.
Women 8k Levels: A: under 36 mins, B: 36-44 mins, C: over 44 mins.

This format is aimed at participants to try to improve their times and move up to a higher level. Once you move up a level you will not be able to move down. The best 4 race times out of the 6 in the Series will count towards the final points tally.

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