Move 2 Improve Points tables after Race 1

IMG_0483After the Kilmovee 10k, tables have been formulated showing names of the 20 finishers in each level who earned points. Results are based on gun time (race time) as published by Red Tag timing.The next race in our Series is the Irishtown 8k Sunday 29th June and our Summer 5k Series starts on Tuesday 17th June, so there will be ‘room for improvement’ opportunities in the two races prior to Irishtown.

Here is a reminder of ‘terms and conditions’ published a few weeks ago:

There are three ‘Move 2 Improve’ levels, A, B and C. After each race the first 20 finishers in each level will be awarded points from 20 -1, points earned will accumulate after each race. At the end of the Series, the best four finishing times from the six races will count towards the final points tally. There will be three winners in both the men and women sections.

Levels A, B, C
Each level is organised by your finishing time in the race.
For Men in 10k races, Level A is for finishers under 40 mins, Level B finishers between 40 – 45 mins, Level C is for finishers over 45 mins.
For Women in 10ks, A: under 45 mins, B 45 – 55 mins, C over 55 mins.
Level times for 8k races are:
Men: A: under 32 mins, B: 32-36 mins, C: is over 36 mins.
Women 8k Levels: A: under 36 mins, B: 36-44 mins, C: over 44 mins.

This format is aimed at participants to try to improve their times and move up to a higher level. Once you move up a level you will not be able to move down. The best 4 race times out of the 6 in the Series will count towards the final points tally.
When you open the files you will find the three levels results at the bottom of spreadsheet.

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