Mayo AC successful day at Connacht Outdoor Track and Field Championships

On track at Athlone l-r Angela Patrick, Martin Paula, Keith, Noelle, Declan, Colette

Connacht Outdoor Track and Field Championships Athlone TUS Sunday June 12.

We had an strong team entered in both relays and numerous individual events. They competed across a range of age categories in track and field from senior to 65+.

It was  a busy schedule and a challenging day for all of them, with very little time for recovery between competitions.
As results show there were multiple medals for some who competed in three individual events and then made up relay teams in the final races of the day.
There were courageous displays of speed, stamina, teamwork, and overall pride  competing in our club colours.
 And amid it all – fun!
Congratulations and well done to all these Connacht Championship medal winners:
4 x 400 senior relay Keith Conroy, Declan Owens, Martin Peyton, Patrick Moran. 1st 5:52.17
4 x 100 senior relay Keith Conroy, Declan Owens, Patrick Moran, Martin Peyton 1st
Individual events
Noelle Kilduff: women
100m 14:89 2nd F35
200m 30:93 2nd F35
400m 68:93 1st F35
Keith Conroy
100m 13:02 3rd M35
200m 26:99 3rd M35
Women 1500m
Paula Donnellan 6:04.40 1st F35
Pauline Moran 6:07.08 1st F65
Angela O’Connor 5:51.31 1st F50
Women 3,000m
Colette Tuohy 11:33.57  1st W50
Angela O’Connor 12: 04.68 2nd F50
Martin Peyton:
Discus 25:56 2nd M65
Javelin 28:00 1st M65
Patrick Moran:
High jump 1:20 1st M65
Discus 29:29 1st M65
200m 34:98 1st M65
Men’s 4×100 relay Mayo AC 1st Declan Owens Keith Conroy Patrick Moran Martin Peyton
Women’s 4x400m 1st 5:25.25 – Paula Donnellan Colette Tuohy Angela O’Connor Noelle Kilduff
Men’s 4x400m 1st 5:52.17 – Martin Peyton, Declan Owens, Patrick Moran Keith Conroy
Conditions were chilly and showery early on, and windy all day especially on the track from beginning of the 200m start. Though there was no anemometer in use in Athlone the wind was a factor in performances.
Outdoor track results often have an extra column headed “wind.” The number indicates the wind speed in metres per second. A minus sign means a headwind slowed them down. (This is always considered legal.) A plus sign means the runner’s performance was assisted by a tailwind to some degree, and the legal limit for a tailwind is +2.0 metres per second.
A wind of two metres per second is equivalent to about 7.2 kilometres per hour, or a light breeze. A wind gauge, or anemometer is used to measure.
 In short outdoor track races (60m, 100m, 200m, 100m hurdles and 110m hurdles) even a slight wind can affect runners differently as they sprint down the track.
We’ll add an album of photos from the day here in due course.

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