Race 1 of the Galway 5K Series (Athenry)

Athenry 5k Tuesday 27th April

The Galway 5K race-series got under way for 2010 in Newcastle, Athenry.
We arrived in Athenry and cautiously made our way to Newcastle, not that any of us knew where exactly we were heading!! A quick phone call to Jane Ann (thanks!) and that sorted out that little problem!
At this stage the weather was a little indecisive, our passengers (Caz & Kathy) sighed at the speed of the wipers !! Our chauffeur (TJ) was quick to turn them off to display exactly how heavy the rain was to our shrinking violets!!! It wasn’t that bad girls!! This started the debate – shorts / ¾ lengths, singlets/skins, hats/jackets, the combinations were endless!!

Great, we got parking across the road from the community centre, where race marshals were two a penny and everything was well organised. Race pack collected, quick toilet break and we set off for our warm up, along the way we met the usual familiar faces and a lot of new eager participants, thanks to fit4life and meet and train groups. We jogged to the start line, a quick stretch and we were ready for off. A few words of warning from our race official and the horn sounded. I had started off in the 2nd row of runners but was quickly swallowed up by the swell of runners behind me. For this reason the first 500m were at a cautious canter, weaving in and out to avoid catching heels! Once off the main road things settled and I could drop my elbows – which had been outstretched and in some cases used as weapons! The kms passed by quickly, the chorus of beeps from the various watches acting as count down devices. With one mile to go, I picked up the pace, and made my way downhill to the finish line.
A few more hellos, some h2o and off we set on the warm down. We passed the start line again and it was like a scene from some movie, jackets, hats and leggings hung from any stem that would hold them up! I can only imagine what passing motorists thought when they drove past this stretch of road!Adrenaline rush obtained we headed for home.

Our thanks to Athenry AC for hosting a well organised enjoyable evening and with the added bonus of race results by the time we got home!! Nice one!
Looking forward to Tuam next week.

Mayo AC Finishers
TJ McHugh Male Mayo AC 0:16:51
Timmy Glavey Male Mayo AC 0:16:52
Catherine Conway Female Mayo AC 0:18:37
David Huane Male Mayo AC 0:18:48
Kathy Connolly Female Mayo AC 0:20:30
Caroline Conway Female Mayo AC 0:20:58
Josephine Gardiner Female Mayo AC 0:23:41
Paddy Moran Male Mayo AC 0:23:42
Pauline Clerkin Female Mayo AC 0:28:19

Some photos here: http://www.eirefoto.com/contents.htm

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