Life in the 5k Lane – Part 3

As I headed home from work, all I could see ahead were grey skies 🙁 maybe they  will clear I thought  (wishful thinking :)) agh well I don’t mind the rain… once home and after a quick turn around, we headed out the door for Craughwell.  A quick stop in Tuam to pick up Caz who was waiting for us!!!!  (The 5 minute window worked) ha ha…..

On arrival in Craughwell the place was awash with athletes, parked up, the usual pre race preparations and off for the warm up.  It was cold with a sharp wind which would cut you, for this reason it took a little longer for me to warm up, my toes were numb, as were my quads and even a bit blue, my poor legs were not happy with this sort of exposure!!!  Had to remind myself that it was May, although there is an old saying ‘don’t shed a clout til May is out’!!  Maybe next time ill remember this, too late for a wardrobe change!!! Thankfully our outer layers were going to be transported to the finish line for us.

Prerace directions were shouted, which for some reason amused me, left, left, left and don’t turn left until you see a stewart and we were off.  What a start, 500+ heading like the clappers towards the main road… I struggled for a few minutes to get my own space, in out, in out taking care not to get tripped up or collide with anyone.  As we headed up the main street I found my space and settled into my race. One left turn after a fast down hill seen us climb a hilly section of the course and this was the general terrain for the next 4 k…..  The rain made a few assaults on me but I hardly noticed.  Up down, up down, around a few more bends and another left turn and I was nearly on the home straight, at this stage I was chasing down (well trying), a Mayo Ac singlet. Up ahead I could see spectators lining the road, I hoped I wasn’t seeing things!!!  300metres to go is all I could hear, no sight of the end line yet!!Mmmm were they telling the truth I wondered…. around another bend and there it was- on top of a mountain (well a hill) the glorious sight of the digital clock.  One last push up the hill and over the mat, quick glance at the clock, a PB yippee!!! 

I’m beginning to think is there a trend in the weather patterns? — I spectate – sun shines, I race – it rains!! Agh well I’ll just have to see what’s in store next week or am I just pre empting the powers that be. 

Next week Life in the 5k lane moves to Claregalway.   Until then keep on running J

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