Life in the 5k Lane – Part 2

What better to do on a sunny Tuesday evening than travel to Tuam for the second instalment of the 5k series and nearer to home, even better! We had no passengers for the journey up, Caz was meeting us there and Kathy would be well on her way to the Sunshine State! 

As we made our way over Kilclohans hill you could see the blanket of yellow stewart bibs ahead. No need for directions this evening.  Albeit I was attending as a spectator for this race, having raced the previous Sunday (looking after myself)!!!!
Its funny when you arrive at just about any race you can immediately sense the apprehension, nerves and  prerace jitters in the air, even more so this evening with 500+ preparing for the start line.
I headed for the hub of activity, the front door of the Ard Ri Hotel and one of the first people I met was Kathy, need I ask why she was still in the West of Ireland and not meeting Minnie Mouse…well the night before who came back, yes you guessed it the one and only Miss Icelandic Ash 2010!!!  Luckily enough she only had to postpone her dinner date with Disney for 24 hours! 

The start line was about 2k from the finish area so I thought I might head in that direction and get a few snaps of the start line,, well I made it half way when I met Tony who thankfully informed me that I didn’t have a chance of getting near the front as it was like being in the pit at Slane Castle up there.
Back to the finish we headed, not too long to wait as Mark Davis appeared some 16.20 mins after the gun, followed by Brian O’Connor, Peter O’Sullivan and TJ.  The womens finish produced a cracker with just 6 seconds between the top 3. 

Another one ticked off the list, and with PB’s for many an enjoyable evening was had.
Well done to TJ, Kathy and Caz on their PB’s( the bar is raised once again). 

Thanks to Tuam AC for hosting another successful race.

Next week I’ll have the racers on as we head to Craughwell 🙂

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