June 16: speed session

From Matt Bidwell Mayo AC coach:

speed session for this week – note it will be the same session in Castlebar and Claremorris. I’d ask everyone to make a note of the pace required as I won’t be able to pass around the pace chart as before.

Note the warm-up/down, drills and strides to be done prior to entering the track in Claremorris to cater for the double session.

Warm-up (5 to 10 mins light running)

Dynamic drills

4 lots of strides


Speed session –  7 or 8 by 800m off 90 seconds recovery.

For those working with HR you should be up in tempo zone. Below is a pace chart to give you a guide of your pace per lap:


Finish with 5 to 10 mins running as a warm-down.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week and remember to socially distance on the track at all times.