“I hoped to be part of it and now finally I am!”

The 5k Series was set up originally as a “no frills” event to try to encourage beginners to participate in road races. We’ve tried to maintain the casual element to the set up to make the whole experience suitable to all runners regardless of ability.The attendance at our five races in the 2014 Series has seen a huge increase, testament to the numbers of people that are getting out and active, and new members are finding their place in the club with all the benefits that this social and recreational activity brings. Integration, participation and recognition are at the forefront of the planning for these events.
The percentage who completed at least 4 races of the 5 race series also increased and as the series progressed they had a weekly measure of their personal improvement as endurance, speed and confidence grew. Each course was unique, some more challenging than others. For this reason also, the column in the table for improvement in finish time after 4 races has been included, as Claremorris would be seen to be a more challenging course. However, it is interesting to note how many of our ‘most improved’ achieved better times on the tougher course!
It is a testament to how running has evolved in Mayo that this type of series attracts such talent as Conor Dolan or Catherine Conway but yet shows such progression from people who may have only taken up the sport recently. From a Mayo AC point of view it was lovely to see the red and green vests interspersed in the crowd each evening.

A results file of most Improved has been compiled by Ann and is attached below.

The feedback we got from participants after four races is very encouraging and will serve as inspiration to us all in our plans for future events. Among them was Richard Walker whose personal journey involved shedding four stone over the past year.
Richard says ” Believe it or not it is my first ever 5k series.
Ballyhaunis was the first time I ever did endurance racing. I never ran for that long for one period of time and have seen myself getting better with time.
I was 4 stone overweight and out of shape last year and am surprised myself how I managed so well. My target is actually shave another min off it and get under 25 min for last race in Claremorris…
I would do it again though. Really enjoyed the series”. And yes did shave a minute off , 24:26  at Claremorris- fair play Richard!

We include comments below from a number of others who sent them in after four races. And we’d welcome your comments and suggestions now that the series has finished.
We would like to congratulate & thank each one of you for taking part in our 2014 5k Series, we hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you at the remaining Move2Improve Series of races, the next one is the Balla 10k next Sat 26th July

Comments section:
” as a mum of 4 it’s just lovely to get out & run, just getting there on time is an achievement most nights! I don’t run with any of the local clubs as normally clashes with kids activities but hoping perhaps to keep my few hrs off every week & perhaps do the Swinford AC series. Thanks again”

Thanks Ann. I’m loving the series. Only complaint is that it has to come to an end! I’m not involved with any running club. In the gym 4 nights a week and loving my improving times without any running training. Hopefully break the 25 mins in Claremorris on Tuesday!”

“Thanks Ann, the formula is perfect, wouldn’t change a thing, they are all very well run but really chilled at the same time; it was definitely the speed training with you that helped me! cheers”

” I really enjoyed the 5k series, it’s my first time taking part in this sort of event. I found the races were very organised with a great atmosphere. Everybody was very supportive and encouraging along the way, which made me want to come back each week and improve. The races were a good price and I was happy to find out there was water half way as some of the evenings were warm! I started to practice jogging maybe four weeks before the 5k series on a Monday night in Claremorris with PJ. After doing the races I would be interested in starting in the fit for life group. Overall I loved the 5k series – last Tuesday was the first one which I didn’t stop to walk and I’m looking forward to the Claremorris 5k but I know it’s going to be hard”

“Hi , It’s my first year doing the 5k series and it’s absolutely fantastic! So well run. Would love if it was every Tuesday evening, it’s a pity it’s finishing next Tuesday. No I don’t run with any club just do a bit myself.

“I am thoroughly enjoying the runs meeting new people every week, I run with Fit 4Life in Claremorris and find it excellent The advice tips and encouragement from Danny Green is outstanding,  I definitely would not be doing all this without him. As the weeks are going along I’m getting exhausted but I hope there will be a few more 5 k runs around when this series is complete, Well done to all involved fantastic organising”

” Cheers – actually have improved because I’m returning from from a hip flexor tear injury. My pb is actually 22! So my current times are shocking but thank you! Thinking of joining Mayo AC actually”

” I’m only new to running since March of this year.  I really enjoyed the 4 runs so far and the different routes. I found the hills in Castlebar the hardest but after that, the rest were ok.  For new people it would be useful if there was a warm up session beforehand with some warm up stretches.  Otherwise I have nothing else to offer to improve it.  It was great to see the huge numbers.”

“I am really enjoying the Mayo 5k  I can’t compare it to anything else as this was my first ever 5k!! (Well Ballyhaunis was!)
I like the fact it’s open to all; beginner and pro. The first night was a tiny bit intimidating with all the experienced runners ‘in the gear’! But I have long got over that! People are very encouraging and I can’t tell you how delighted I am with myself to have finally started running and not only that to be improving. (I never ran before)
I did the series with a friend of mine who was also a beginner. She has really enjoyed it too.
So thanks for organising and giving me this opportunity. For the past two years I hoped to be part of it and now finally I am!”

“I’m looking forward to completing series. I have found the runs difficult but delighted when I have finished them. Everyone is so encouraging, especially the group in Claremorris Fit for Life group which I attend on Thursday evening. Danny Greene has provided much encouragement and support as I had never jogged or run before. Looking forward to Tuesday and social event afterwards”

So as we said above, your comments and suggestions are always welcome = keep on runnin’!

file most improved is here:Mayo AC 5k Series Most improved

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