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National Road Relays

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Date: 23 Apr 2023

Time: 9:00 am

Venue: Raheny Dublin

Raheny Dublin

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The start area is on Wades Avenue in Raheny.


There are four races;


2:00pm – Masters Women

2:30pm – Masters Men

3:00pm – Senior Women

3:30pm – Senior Men

The Course Map is included below with the start located on Wade’s Avenue, the runners head toward the corner of Rectory Park and turn left moving up the road before turning left at the junction of All Saints Road the Howth Road.


The runners turn down All Saints Road with St Annes Park on their right hand side.


They finally turn left back onto Wades Avenue where the hand over point and Start/Finish are located.


The Masters Women, Men and Senior Women run a format of;


Leg 1 – 1 Lap


Leg 2 – 2 Laps


Leg 3 – 1 Lap


The Senior Men’s race format is;


Leg 1 – 2 Laps


Leg 2 – 1 Lap


Leg 3 – 3 Laps


Leg 4 – 2 Laps

Entry information/ deadline etc to be added