End of year

IMG_0269As the Christmas party message from Michael and Ann noted “it has been a very successful year on the local, National and International stage. And this year shows a greater number of members than ever before which further indicates the developments within the club”.

Some of the evidence for this is contained in the list of medals and medallists attached. It shows that during 2013, 21 members won National medals – a wonderful haul, and one that a lot of higher profile Senior/masters clubs in the country would be hard pressed  to emulate.

Of course success is measured by each individual based on the goals they set for themselves as the season began. However, we are all inspired by the achievements of these 21, not least as among them are quite a few who started out on the journey via Fit4Life. We hope all of you have enjoyed that journey so far, whether you were chasing endorphins, PBs, medals, the show-off in front in the pink trainers, or just the feelgood factor. As we head towards 2014 we hope you continue to commit to running with Mayo  AC and in’vest’ in the red and green, and most importantly, have fun!

Results Sheets – Clubs

Thanks to Ann McDonnell for compiling this file of our 2013 National medal winners – on 11/12/13!

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