Dublin Marathon – well done to all !


David Browne on his way to a brilliant new PB – 17 minutes faster than 2013!

It was a tough day at the office as the cliche goes. The marathon is a tough assignment. Today testing conditions prevailed- strong wind, humidity, higher than average temperatures. However, our record squad stuck to the task. Resilience and endurance became key factors. You could see it in faces. Pain, focus, enjoyment, fatigue depending on how they were coping. The changes to the course meant there was a long run in from mile 24 with the streets lined with enthusiastic  supporters. It was a good day to be on the pavement. Looking out for our runners was made more difficult by increased numbers and by clubs with similar vests. Sometimes they flew past hidden in the moving waves. But overall, It was a day to be proud of Mayo AC. We had a record 37 on the start line and a fantastic 37 finishers. Sadly, Sarah Syron was injured recently and was not able to join the senior women’s team after a year focused on the race and dedicated training. Lots of new members  were tasting the excitement for the first time. And yes, overall times were down. And yet some achieved PBs. Christy O’Malley achieved too – his 50th marathon and 1000th race. John Timothy chaperoned him  over the final miles. Christy didn’t seem to notice the ash plant hidden in John’s sleeve. Our leading finishers were once again John Byrne and Paula Prendergast, in 2:42 and 3:16 repectively. Noel Gibbons was our other sub 3 finisher, and next home were David Browne, Brendan Hession, Sean Murphy and Enda Marren. David had a brilliant race coming home strongly to finish over 17 minutes faster than 2013 in a new PB.  Sean Murphy knocked a minute off last year’s time. Ruth Carney our second woman finisher had a fantastic race as a first timer, and she and Tom Charles were just a minute apart in PBs. Consistent marathoner Owen Mongan put in one of his best performances and was a few minutes better than 2012, and will be in running for a deserved individual medal in M60. Anne Marie Staunton came through with a fine finish and a well deserved PB. Frank and Carmel Cloherty balanced life and training to achieve good times. Edel Feeney was well supported in the last miles by Dad, Jimmy – no better man. Siobhan Duane smiled with delight to see her support at mile 25. Our o50 women Mary Walsh, Mary Murphy and Monica Joyce put in a stormer with just 14 minutes separating the three of them. Both Monica and Edel Feeney recorded negative splits – faster on the second half – no mean feat on the day. Mary Murphy is in with an individual medal chance again in F60. Our other first timers Mary T McDonald , Trisha Kavanagh, Noreen Lyons, Siobhan Ryan, and Barbara Ronayne – all came home in style. Everyone will have a story to tell. If you ran we’d love to hear yours. Meantime, here are some finish times from the team sheets – first is gun time (official results order based on this), second is chip time..Any missing will be updated soon. * = first timer

Men senior
Clive Lavelle 3:39:45; 3:39:25
Brendan Hession 3:01:13; 3:01:08
Enda Marren 3:06:52; 3:06:43

Men O35
Paul Reynolds 3:28:05; 3:27:29
Noel Gibbons  2:58:13; 2:58:08
John Byrne 2:42:14; 2:42:16
Ambrose Gaughan 3:46:56; 3:46:37
Sean Murphy 3:05:08; 3:05:039
Frank Cloherty 3:58:15; 3:56:22
Donal Tighe 4:04:41;4:04:31
Gerry Corley 4:37:25; 4:36:16
Tom Charles 3:36:23; 3:35:11
Michael Mc Neela 3:30:58; 3:30:14
Christy O’Malley 4:42:59; 4:42:40
David Browne 3:01:07; 3:00:48
John Roddy 6:12:12; 6:10:40

Men O50
Val P Glynn 4:15:46; 4:14:38
PJ Hall 4:02:30; 4:02:11
Owen Mongan 3:26:40; 3:26:19

Women Senior
Paula Prendergast 3:16:11; 3:15:42
Edel Feeney 4:01:17; 3:59:20
Aine Gallagher 3:42:15; 3:41:16

Women 035
Ann McDonnell 4:11:11; 4:09:14
Caroline Hession 4:50:22; 4:49:58
*Barbara Ronayne 4:53:21; 4:51:08
Noreen Lyons 4:10:39; 4:08:49
*Patricia Kavanagh 4:51:09; 4:48:56
*Siobhan Ryan 4:51:07; 4:48:54
Siobhan Duane 4:40:50; 4:38:38
*Mary McDonald 4:38:34; 4:36:23
*Marie Collum 4:49:39; 4:27:27
Carmel Cloherty 4:37:43; 4:35:31
*Ruth Carney 3:37:01; 3:36:08
Ann Marie Staunton 3:43:47;3:43:28

Women O50
Mary Murphy 4:09:37; 4:09:34
Monica Joyce 4:23:08; 4:20:55
Mary Walsh 4:15:46; 4:15:44

Mayo AC results in finish order:    http://www.tdl.ltd.uk/race-results.php


Mary T McDonald smiles at mile 25...one to go!

Mary T McDonald smiles a mile 25…one to go!

Siobhan Duane greets her fans

Siobhan Duane greets her fans


Christy salutes his fans at Ballsbridge as he completes 50th marathon

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