Dublin City Marathon: updated- Mayo AC finishers added

Sean Hynes sets out …

The finish times of some more Mayo AC members who completed the Dublin Marathon was have been added.
Hopefully all *38 finishers are recovering well

*Updated post:
There has been a lot of well deserved accolades for our finishers in the Meta-verse and its various planets.
None more so than for Eamonn Joyce, who led the club home in 2:41.42 pb.
The Belcarra man has been consistently improving across a range of distances since joining the club a few years ago.
Eamonn has been racing regularly during that time, and like many endurance athletes he has had to overcome injury problems, but thankfully was able to keep to his dedicated training regime in the lead up to Dublin.
There is a plethora of advice on running the Dublin marathon.
It is easy to get confused – especially for newcomers to the distance.

The great Czech runner Emil Zatopek, philosophised after his retirement on the classic distance in words which still ring true today: “If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon.”

A couple of well known marathon adages still defy contradiction :

“It’s not the distance that kills, it’s the pace”- Noel Carroll, and “the marathon begins at 20 miles” (Anon + a few million!).
Eamonn Joyce  has quietly got on with his running and is now reaping the benefits.
Here’s a timeline of some of his significant  results in recent years:
2018 Achill Half 1:39
2018 Céide Half 1:26
2018 Dublin Marathon 2:57.29

2019 Achill Half 1:29

2020 Clew Bay Half 1:25
2020 Clogher Marathon 2:54.18
2021 Larne Half 1:20 (course 54 metres short)
2022 Portumna Ultra 50k 3:32
2022 Mullingar Half 1:23
2022 Ballina Half 1:23
2022 Dublin Marathon 2:41.42 pb, including half pb
In addition to Eamonn’s negative split last Sunday (running the second half faster than the first), a cursory look through Mayo AC finishing time details shows that some other members: Mark Basquille, Gerry Kirrane, Damien Glackin, Patrick Sweeney and Padraic McVann (pb)  – to name a few – achieved that impressive even paced objective.
Regarding Dublin 2022, as Ian O’Riordan has written in his Irish Times column:
“The true impact of the double postponement during the pandemic, first in October 2020, then again in October 2021, was revealed in the actual number which took part in last Sunday’s event: of the original 25,000 sell-out, about 18,000 ended up collecting their race entry, and only 14,773 were listed as official finishers on the event website after the race closed on Sunday evening….
…that still left more than 7,000 entries uncollected, including the race goody-bags, which Dublin organisers say “will be de-packed and given to charity and clothing given to clubs”.”
 Expect 2023 entries to be filled by the end of this month – and so the obsession rolls on …
Meanwhile there’s lots of opportunities
to compete in upcoming cross-country, indoor and outdoor track and field.
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