Decare Dental 5 mile run/walk

The 9th annual Decare Dental 5 mile Claremorris run/walk takes place on Saturday evening June 26th at 6pm. The event which is race no2 in the MayoAC league is also in support of the mayo cancer support association. This year the course will be slightly modified to ensure an accurate AAI approved distance.

Race HQ will be once again the Dalton Inn while showers/dressing rooms will be available nearby. All entrants will receive a commemorative t-shirt and there will be lots of refreshments available afterwards.

Race organiser Mairéad Nestor of Decare Dental points out that this event is very much for all from the competitive club runner to the jogger and it is also being promoted as a family fun run and walk.

Prize fund [all cash prizes]
Women:    Top 3 finishers
Women +35:    Top 2 finishers
Women +45:    Top 2 finishers
Women  u19:    Top finisher

Men:        Top 3 finishers
Men +40:    Top 2 finishers
Men +50:    Top 2 finishers
Men u 19:    Top finisher

League points to top 25 men + women finishers

More info from Mairéad (094) 9372250 [daytime] or

Michael 086 8534729 [after 7pm]

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