Club Training sessions start next Thursday February 5th

Following the recent get-together at Claremorris, we are delighted to announce that starting from Thursday February 5th Matt Bidwell has agreed to lead a club training session on Thursdays from 6.30 – 7.30pm at Claremorris track.

The hour will include warm up & cool down, with a speed session between 6.45 – 7.20.

For the month of February Mayo AC will pay the cost of these sessions. Two euro per individual is required to use the track in Claremorris. The training session costs will be reviewed based on the numbers attending in the initial weeks.

At the first session last week about 30 people expressed interest in attending. Matt spoke about forming runners into groups based on their ability, and how they could benefit from a track session. He said that his own 10k times improved by two minutes when he added track sessions to his training. Matt was very impressed with the facilities in Claremorris and is looking forward to working with us.

We hope that more members will avail of this excellent opportunity and that runners of all levels in the club will be able to benefit. We also believe that having a regular club training session will foster club spirit.

These sessions are only open to club members –  you can download the registration form here on our homepage and complete it before Thursday next .

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