2014 Mayo AC ‘Move 2 Improve’ Series

.. a bridge to new levels ..

.. a bridge to new levels ..

Mayo AC have announced details of their 2014  ‘Move 2 Improve’ Race Series. The club are delighted that the new series will be sponsored by C&C Cellular, continuing their involvement with the the club over the past nine years.

The ‘Move 2 Improve’ Series consists of six races – four 10ks, and two 8ks. They are all independently organised events with accurately measured courses, permits from Athletics Ireland and their own prize structures. The first race will be the popular Kilmovee 10k on April 19th.

As the name suggests, the ‘Move 2 Improve’ Series is focused mainly on those who have taken up the sport in recent years, who are looking to achieve new levels of performance. Many will have taken up the sport through Fit4Life and other local initiatives. Others will have an opportunity to experience races in the company of their peers, make new friends and generally have fun. The series is open to all.

Mayo AC hope this new format will offer opportunities and incentives for all participants to measure, improve, and achieve their goals through personal best times, and move to a new Level.

There are three ‘Move 2 Improve’ levels, A, B and C. After each race the first 20 finishers in each level will be awarded points from 20 -1, points earned will accumulate after each race. At the end of the Series, the best four finishing times from the six races will count towards the final points tally. There will be three winners in both the men and women sections.

...there are three levels..

…there are three levels..

Levels A, B, C
Each level is organised by your finishing time in the race.
For Men in 10k races, Level A is for finishers under 40 mins, Level B finishers between 40 – 45 mins, Level C is for finishers over 45 mins.
For Women in 10ks, A: under 45 mins, B 45 – 55 mins, C over 55 mins.
Level times for 8k races are:
Men: A: under 32 mins, B: 32-36 mins, C: is over 36 mins.
Women 8k Levels: A: under 36 mins, B: 36-44 mins, C: over 44 mins.

This format is aimed at participants to try to improve their times and move up to a higher level. Once you move up a level you will not be able to move down. The best 4 race times out of the 6 in the Series will count towards the final points tally.

2014 ‘Move 2 Improve’ Series:

1 Kilmovee 10k, Sat 19 April @ 1pm, contact John: 0861737111
2 Irishtown 8k, Sun 29 June @ 12pm, Contact Michael 0868534729 (after 7pm)
3 Balla 10k, Sat 26 July @ 7pm, contact Brendan: 0872941227
4 Charlestown 10k, Sat 6 Sept @ 12pm, contact Christina: 0863309653

5 Ballyhaunis 8k, Sun 28 Sept @3pm, Contact Martin 0872455989

6 Breaffy 10k, Sun 12 Oct @ 1.30, contact Maggie: 0876324252
After the Kilmovee 10k on April 19th and the West of Ireland Women’s Mini Marathon in early May, the Mayo AC Annual Summer 5k Series starts mid June. These five consecutive Tuesday evening races – at Castlebar, Ballyhaunis, Ballinrobe, Brickens and Claremorris – will be ideally placed around the Irishtown 8k and Balla 10k and will provide additional opportunities for ‘Move 2 Improve’ runners to get better times and reach new levels in the remaining Series races.
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