2013 5k Summer Series and Road League

Final plans are currently being put in place by Mayo AC for their
Annual 5k Summer Series and Road League. They are both being organised to
take place in the coming months.
The 4th Annual  5k Summer Series will be held over either 4 or 5
Tuesday evenings with a likely start date of June 18th.
The15th Annual Road League will begin with the Balla 10k on July 27th.
This year the Road League is expected to consist of 6 races.It will
be held over a more compact timescale and will include some recently
launched races. The current plan is to conclude with the Ballyhaunis
8k at the end of September. This was the most favoured option
following consultation with competitors and Race Organisers in a
crowded fixture calendar.
The 5k Series has always been seen to have a development/introduction
aspect, when many take their “first steps” in athletics.The Road League
being more competitive presents an opportunity for people to progress
to another level. Full details of both promotions will be announced
in the coming weeks on www.mayoac.com .

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